• Creating with Broken Glass

    Creating with Broken Glass

      — Christine Sine — Last weekend Tom and I went out to the Mustard Seed Village with a crowd of volunteers to help get the site ready for our Celtic retreat next week. I was amazed at how quickly the messy chaos of weeds and broken glass could be transformed. In just a couple […]

  • Zero-Sum Relationships

    Zero-Sum Relationships

    — Andy Wade — For me to gain means you must lose. That’s the basis of a zero-sum relationship. This kind of thinking is deeply embedded in our western culture, especially within the “free market” culture. Life is a competition and, while I might choose to be charitable from time to time, for me to get […]

  • Shalom! Are We Listening?

    Shalom! Are We Listening?

    — Andy Wade — Shalom! Creation sings it and begs us to listen. I find I frequently need to be reminded to hear its cries. “Hosanna! Hosanna in the highest heaven!” The people cried out as Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem (the symbol of a king coming in peace). Being rebuked by the religious […]

  • Rest in the Moment

    Rest in the Moment

    — Christine Sine — Last Saturday I went out to Camano Island intending to pick cherries, but the birds had beaten me to it. There was not a single cherry left on our trees. It made me angry and frustrated. Not only had I lost control of my day, but what on earth would I […]

  • Creation Sings!

    Creation Sings!

    — Andy Wade —

  • The Neighborhood Church as Fungus

    The Neighborhood Church as Fungus

      – Andy Wade – If you’ve been reading my posts you know that I’m fascinated by mushrooms. The more I learn about them the more impressed I am both with the work they do and the lessons they have to teach us. So how, you might ask, could a neighborhood church being like mushrooms […]

Celtic Prayer Retreat

celtic cross
Join us for our annual Retreat!
August 7-9
Main event all day Saturday

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A New Way to Grow!

MSA is excited to offer an online learning opportunity through our new school!

Interact with Christine Sine and reimagine how we pray, learn how to simplify your life with Mark Scandrette, and explore questions of God, Jesus and religion with Brian McLaren, Mark Scandrette, Lilian Daniel and others.

Join our learning community and enrich your faith as we journey together toward the in-breaking of God’s kingdom.

You may take as many or as few classes as you like and may take them at your own pace.

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Prayer Cards

Prayer Cards

This beautiful set of ten prayer cards draw from the most popular of our daily Facebook prayers. Their background photos invite us into contemplative moments that can enrich our days and deepen our faith.

Each card is printed on heavy, recycled matt stock and they can be used as postcards too!

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Newly Updated for 2015!
Creating a Faith-Based Community Garden


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Free Resource

Celtic Spirituality Did you ever wonder what Celtic Christian Spirituality is all about? In this brief introduction, Christine Sine gives personal reflections, prayers, litanies, and a bit of historical background.

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